Gunnar Hoff, CMO at Cflow
Gunnar Hoff, CMO at Cflow

Cflow: Straight into our mantra

Cflow is one of the world's leading equipment suppliers of live fish handling systems, and develops, designs and manufactures complete handling systems for the fisheries and aquaculture industry. - "Ecofive" is right in the middle of our core area and is right at the core of our philosophy, says Gunnar Hoff, CMO at Cflow.

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- It is very nice that "Ecofive" was named Ship of the Year 2023. Tore Roaldsnes has fought for this for so long, so it is very nice, says a smiling CMO in Cflow, Gunnar Hoff, when Skipsrevyen visits the company which has supplied pipes and systems for handling the fish, as well as a unique spa department which will ensure that the fish on board "Ecofive" are looked after in the best possible way.

Cflow is involved in most aspects of fish handling on board the innovation.

- The unique thing is that the vessel will trawl the fish with a completely new method to take the fish on board. Instead of taking the big heaves, "Ecofive" takes in relatively small heaves which in turn reduce the pressure on the fish to the minimum. This in turn results in less stressed fish, which in its ripple effect results in fewer injuries to fish and less blood fish, explains Hoff.

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