Wheel house and passanger module for TrAM project vessel Medstraum is being shipped from Leirvik yard on Stord to Fjellstrand yard.

Will inspire many new, emission-free vessels in the future

“We were incredibly happy to hear that this project was named the winner, among many worthy candidates,” says a happy Helge Gjøsæter to Skipsrevyen. He is the managing director of Leirvik AS.


Leirvik AS has built a cab and passenger module in razor-thin aluminium. Servogear has supplied the propulsion system, while Wärtsila is responsible for the battery and energy technology, with Corvus being the actual battery supplier. But above and before all this lies an EU initiative in the form of an allocation of around NOK 120 million from Horizon 2020 as part of the Transport Advanced and Modular (TrAM) project.

“Our concrete contribution to this project has been to build the structure for passengers and

the wheelhouse module in WP06. In addition, we have contributed expertise to develop a more efficient design and a production method that we and others in the project can use in future deliveries,” Leirvik AS manager director Helge Gjøsæter tells Skipsrevyen.

Will inspire

“We were incredibly happy to hear that this project was named the winner, among many worthy candidates. What makes it extra special for us is that MS "Medstraum" is a development project and the result of a collaboration between actors both in Norway and internationally.

“Hopefully this award can help inspire many new emission-free vessels in the future, and in addition the use of aluminium as a lightweight material.”

Unique expertise in aluminium and modules

Leirvik, as a company, has for many years had its main focus on offshore projects. But, they have also had several fast boat deliveries over the years.

“One of the unique things about us is our expertise in aluminium and modules. And it was precisely this, in addition to our desire to explore new areas of work, which was the reason why we joined the project,” says Gjøsæter.

“That our investment and expertise could be valuable in a forward-looking project like MS "Medstraum" is very pleasing to us, and gives us motivation to participate in more such projects in the future.”

This is the first EU development project Leirvik AS has participated in.

“The fact that the project ended up being awarded the Ship of the Year 2022 award is therefore extra gratifying,” says Gjøsæter.

Project with all possibilities open

“This has been a process where many partners, with different interests and expertise, have collaborated on a ground-breaking project which has finally ended up in a concrete result. We think it has been both interesting and educational,” says the Leirvik executive.

Leirvik AS has extensive experience in implementing projects where there is a concrete foundation.

“Being part of a project where all possibilities are open from start to finish has taught us a lot, and not least it has challenged our way of thinking. The project has also given us a unique opportunity to further develop our own expertise in various areas.”

Among other things, Leirvik AS is working on developing an automated production technology by using robotic welding of aluminium on unique constructions:

“It is a project we call ARoW (Automatic Robot Welding). Here, the TrAM project has given us inspiration to think anew, particularly in terms of design that is suitable for automated production. A valuable competence we need to become competitive in new markets,” says Gjøsæter.